Live Video Call Training Sessions

These live sessions are great for anyone and proving to be very useful during this difficult time as I am prevented from doing my usual home visits. Also great for people who are outside my catchment area. I can help with most of the same training with great results.

Prior to your first session you will receive a booklet showing you how clicker training is taught and a ‘clicker’ a tool used in this method.  It is really important however, that you do not attempt to use of the clicker in advance of our session as if used incorrectly can cause problems which could affect the start of the training. I will explain the use of the clicker and why clicker training is so effective on the first video call.

What Happens In These Sessions

We can cover all the basic stuff such as sit, down, sit stay, come, stand, attention and focus, drop, leave, and lots more. We can also discuss crate training, puppy mouthing and biting, toilet training, suitable toys and play, how to socialise your puppy, and the first stages of recall.

What Happens Between Sessions

I will book a call with you at an agreed day and time between all sessions to see how you are getting on.


Taster and pre puppy £50 1x bespoke session. 1hr 15 mins.

2x sessions £90 (save £10)

3x sessions £129 (save£21)

5x sessions £190 (save 60)

Please note-all payments to be made prior to the first session.


I hope that you won’t need to cancel but please note that if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment notice is required 48 hours prior to the session. A 50% cost will be charged if less than 48 hrs notice is given, if less than 24 hrs notice, the full cost will be charged. In cases where an emergency with your dog has occurred, then I can rebook you to another day and time.


All my training is hands free. I do not use any aversive methods during my training sessions such as choke chains, shock collars, shouting, or any tools which could potentially cause any dog discomfort, fear or anxiety. I, therefore, will not work with anyone who condones or uses any such methods.

All owners are responsible for cleaning up their dogs mess when outside the house boundaries during any training sessions. It is also the owners  responsibility to make sure any off-lead training takes place in a safe environment such as- no access to roads, cattle, or other people’s property, as I may not be familiar with the areas around where you live.

Privacy Policy

At Doggytails Dog Training, I receive, collect, and store any information you enter on my website or provide me in any other way. I also collect personally identifiable information including name, address, email and phone numbers, comments and feedback. This info may be used to contact you from time to time, with offers, or advice regarding dogs and dog training. I never sell or share your details with other organisations.