Why do I train dogs and their humans.

It gives me immense pleasure to see families with their dogs looking really happy together. However, this doesn’t happen purely by magic. Whilst it’s true that some dogs and their owners seem to be a match made in heaven, for others it can be a bit more challenging. There can be various reasons why you and your dog just don’t seem to be able to understand each other. The fundamental one being that your dog cannot understand the human language and many humans cannot see when a dog is trying to tell them something, all causing much frustration and anxiety on both sides. If this is where you think you are right now, then you owe it to yourself and your dog to do something. This is where I love to help, building a bridge of communication between you and your dog using reward based training.

What is reward based training.

Reward based training is as it sounds, rewarding a dog during training when they have made a correct movement, for example a ‘sit’. To help the dog to know exactly the moment they have made a correct movement we use a clicker which makes a short ‘click’ sound, and then follow with a reward usually in the form of a food treat. The dog now has an association between ‘what’ he/she did and being rewarded for it, and what gets rewarded tends to get repeated. This type of training can not only help to train dogs that have little or no previous training, but can also help to change existing problem behaviours.

The advantages of one-to-one training.

  • My attention is focused solely on you and your dog
  • No noisy over crowded classes
  • Training takes place in your home, a familiar environment meaning less stress for you and your dog
  • No traveling for you, I make the journey on an agreed pre-booked day and time to suit you.
  • A one-off session which focuses on the problems we will have previously discussed over the phone. You’ll learn about the method of training I use-clicker training. When beginning the training with your dog you’ll see how this reward based training actually works and so allowing your dog to understand what she/he is suppose to do.

The Taster Session

This session gives us all the chance to meet and informally discuss how best I can help you and your dog. You may be experiencing behavioural problems with your dog such as ‘jumping-up’ at you, your friends and strangers. Or maybe they are ‘pulling on the lead’ and you’re fed up with the dog taking you for a walk and that has led to the dog being taken out less and less.

There is always a reason or reasons as to why your dog is behaving the way he/she is, and unfortunately the longer they have been doing these unwanted behaviours, the more difficult it can sometimes be to train an alternate appropriate behaviour. So don’t delay and get in touch today, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!