1 hr and 15 mins – £60

  • Breeds/Types
  • Choosing a breeder/rescue
  • Equipment
  • Socialisation and habituation
  • Looking ahead – balancing work and leaving your dog
  • Any questions?
  • House rules
  • Making your home and garden safe
  • Puppy’s needs
  • Exercise
  • First few weeks

I created this session especially for people who are thinking of getting a puppy.

This can be a daunting process spending hours on the internet trying to find information which is often conflicting and unclear.

So let me take all that away and give you the only advice you are going to need. The following walks you through the different steps that we will navigate together to insure that you are making the right decisions along the way.

We begin with asking ourselves ‘why do we want a puppy and does everyone in the family want a puppy.

If your new to owning a dog, the sort of commitments you will need to know about when you own a dog.

Costs and what’s involved.

So if you still want to get a puppy, where do you look for one? More importantly where you shouldn’t look!

Where’s the best place to find a breeder.

Which breed of dog?

Which breed?

Male or female?

How much time would I need to train my puppy, especially in the early days.

What equipment will I need to buy?

What should I know before my visit to any breeders?

Which puppy do I choose, their all so cute?

First night at home with my new puppy  and what to expect.

If you have any questions to add to this list they can be discussed as well.