My fees reflect the professional and accredited training I have undergone.

Unfortunately, the dog training industry is NOT regulated and as such allows anyone to call themselves a dog trainer/behaviourist. This in itself has the potential to cause more harm than good. 1to1 training with a professional trainer I believe, is the best possible way for you and your dog.

My personal training never stops as I’m continually improving my professional knowledge through scientifically backed evidence in all things dog. This is usually through attending training days, seminars, reading books, watching DVD’s, podcasts, listening to other professional trainers and their experiences. And of course through my practical experiences with my clients and their dogs.

My fees are £30 an hour. Added to this are travelling charges at 35 pence per mile to and from your post code.

I cover Oxfordshire, Wiltsire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.